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The definition of word "inside":
+1 rate 1. interior; interior part
+1 rate 2. inward; within; in; in the house; in jail (Slang)
+1 rate 3. within; in
+1 rate 4. adv (not gradable), preposition, (adj) (not gradable) What's inside the big box? Customs officials finally broke open the box and found 20 kilos of heroin inside. Could you take your shoes off before going inside (the house) . " Is Anna in the garden?" " No, she's inside (= in the house) . " Some of these older houses still don't have inside toilets (= toilets in the house, rather than in a building in the garden) . He put the documents carefully in his inside pocket (= pocket on the inner side of a jacket or coat) . (figurative) She couldn't cope with the grief she felt inside (herself) . (figurative) Who can tell what goes on inside his head? If you do something inside a particular time or limit, you do it using less than that amount of time or under the limit. With the new train you can do the journey inside two hours. (informal) He finished it inside of two hours. (informal) A person who is inside is in prison. Her husband's inside for armed robbery. Your inside leg (US inseam) is the measurement from the top of your inner leg to your ankle.
rate 5. anagram indies
rate 6. located on or in the inner side; private, confidential, privileged
rate 7. bowling A starting point near the center of the lane (as opposed to the outside, near the edge of the lane) usually referring to the point of release.
rate 8. Inland Passage; Natural sheltered sea route along the U.S.-Canadian coast from Seattle, Wash.;, to Skagway, Alaska. Extending northwest for more than 1,000 mi (1,600 km), it comprises channels and straits between the mainland and islands (including Vancouver Island) that protect it from Pacific storms. It is the favoured route for coastal shipping to Alaska. Ports in British Columbia include Victoria, Vancouver and Prince Rupert; those in Alaska include Ketchikan, Wrangell and Juneau.
rate 9. windsurfing Usually in the context 'inside the break' , and can either refer to sailing on the calmer flat water inside a reef break, or the far less desirable context of being 'caught inside' and in the path of a large set about to break on you.
rate 10. dance A turn to the left far the lady and right for the man
rate 11. to or in prison
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