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+3 rate 1. P R E S E R V E (v) to treat (esp. food) in a special way in order to stop it decayingto cure tobacco leavesto cure animal skins Fish, meat and other foods can be cured using salt or vinegar or by drying.
+2 rate 2. restore to health, make well; correct a bad habit; preserve food
+1 rate 3. anagram ecru
rate 4. something which restores health; prescribed treatment for an illness; office of a curate
rate 5. n charge, jurisdiction
rate 6. to change the physical, chemical, or electrical properties of a material by chemical reaction, by the action of heat and catalysts alone or in combination, with or without pressure. Specifically to convert a low molecular weight polymer or resin to and insoluble, infusible state.
rate 7. petroleum industry to age cement under specified conditions of temperature and pressure.
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Inglise Norra
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Inglise Norra
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